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Search Engine Optimization Did you find our website using a Search Engine? Highly likely! Most business websites are found via search engine result pages. If you are disappointed with the level of traffic you receive from the major search engines, we can help.

Most business owners will have embraced the concepts of competition and 'standing out from the crowd', these same concepts apply to internet marketing also. To stand out your website must appear in the first few pages of search engine results, any lower and your website is unlikely to be noticed by potential customers waiting to buy your product or service. Get your online business found with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website promotion service.

Search Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of website promotion used to help get a website listing displayed higher in search engine results pages, or ranking, when a person uses a search engine to search for something. It involves the use of key words or phrases taylored to your type of business or product. The search engines must be 'encouraged' to list your website for your keywords using SEO Techniques.

The process can be broken down into two separate goals, firstly to research the words that people use to search for your kind of business, product or service, and then to ensure that these words and keyword phrases appear in various elements of your web pages.

This may seem simplistic at first glance, however the largest search engine 'Google' uses over 200 ranking signals. With so many factors involved, and the fact that algorythms change on a daily basis, making your website search engine friendly can become something of a mine feild.

Getting Started

To help get you started we have developed an easy to use online tool that will produce a FREE SEO Report for pages on your website. This tool will analyse your page and produce a report outlining some of the most important on-page ranking factors, along with tips on how to fix it in order to improve your search engine rankings.

Free SEO Analysis Report

You should use this tool to address key SEO issues with your website before moving your marketing efforts onward, and whilst it may only analyse just a fraction of all the signals used to rank a website, if these fundimental issues are not addressed your other efforts may well be futile.

Do It Yourself

If you would like to earn more money from your Website and have some time to invest in your Internet Marketing, there is no reason why you cannot do it yourself! The DIY SEO & Internet Marketing Guide will guide you step by step through the SEO tasks required to obtain higher rankings, and the increase in website visitors that follows.

Available in both Print and various eBook formats, this valuable resource is all you need to achieve the online success that you and your website deserve!

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Our SEO Services

Spectral Software offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to both existing & new customers where we will manually analyse your web page(s) and recommend changes you can make to your site that will greatly improve your search engine rankings, driving more customers, and more sales to your website.

As specialists in Search Engine Optimization we have an in depth knowledge of how the major search engines 'think' and how to get your website up the ranks, making sure that your website gains the exposure it deserves. We engage only in 'white hat' techniques, that is, techniques that search engines approve of, rather than 'black hat' techniques that could in fact lower your rankings or worse still, get your website 'sand-boxed' (essentially banned!).

The internet marketing solutions we provide are not a quick fix, but a way to achieve decent rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. in the long term for sustained relevant ranking in organic search result pages (SERP).

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Please contact us to discuss your SEO requirements.

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